Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vibrational & Creating With Intent

Y'know, if anyone ever tries telling you that handmade skin care can't be infused with magic and positive intent, don't listen because they've obviously never had in their hands a bar of soap that literally, and this isn't easy for me to admit being steeped in practicality as I am, washes away negativity. An hour ago I was ready to tear off someone's head, from being agitated by little things like someone moving my dust pan, broom, mop and mop buck where I couldn't find them, to receiving yet another call from school stating -- guess what?! -- your kid's in the Student Responsibility Center AGAIN because she pissed off another teacher. But now I'm good. I finished cleaning up the kitchen, which turned out to be a pretty good workout considering how violently I mopped the floor (haha!), ferreted out my last remaining clean shirt, and headed for the shower. More agitation ensued prior to the showering due to the huge pile of dirty laundry behind the bathroom door that the kids dumped there, and the scattering of toilet tissue, used razors, empty shampoo bottles and clothes tags on the floor NEXT to the near-empty trash can - - - - I often wonder if these people really think I am a maid.

So, I try ignoring all that, except for the trash that I couldn't handle on the floor and had to immediately clean up ~ they'll be cleaning out the laundry when they get home from school, among other various cleaning-up-after-yourself type work ~ and I get into the shower and grab this big clunky tannish colored soap that's just bursting with salt, and I rub, and rub . . . and rub. And within minutes, my mind cleared, the anger dissipated, and I soon found myself sitting on the couch watching Andrew Zimmern greedily chawing down on some raw food down in Hollywood, CA ~ and there was a big smile on my face, and I realized I wasn't pissed anymore. That my "shit happens" attitude had returned, that it's not the end of the world, that all things change, tomorrow's another day, don't worry, be happy ~

I remember while still in the shower thinking about salt and how it absorbs negativity and how I know about Ana's ability to build soap that vibrates with this potential, but it didn't really sink in until I was on the couch. Yeah.

There's a lot to be said for chanting and intent and pouring love into your work.

I can only imagine how angry and vengeful my kitchen floor feels now -- I may have to wash it down with salt.

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