Sunday, March 21, 2010

NNAPA / Natural Perfume Academy Testimonials

"From one lonely natural botanical perfumery novice/student to another ~ are you lonely and sad for not being able to share your burgeoning obsession with your beloved and friends because they just don't understand? Do you pray to the Goddess of ATS [All Things Smelly] for lively conversation and passionate banter amongst like minded perfumery folk? Do you wish for a friendly forum where you can learn learn learn and ask those dreaded newbie questions [without fear of retribution] in the safe and very capable hands of a highly skilled and knowledgeable teacher?

Once upon a time I was that lonely NBP novice perfumer, desperate for friends of similar ilk and a place where I could talk about perfumery, ask silly questions, feel loved and appreciated and learn learn learn! smile Within the Natural Perfume Academy I found this all [and more!]. The course is set up to be interactive, providing a vast and comprehensive introduction to natural botanical perfumery. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to make something more of their passion. As a student I've loved the interaction I've had with the other students, the excitement of successes and discoveries, the sadness of the 'back to the drawing boards', and the learning, guidance, support and wisdom of our fabulous teacher. I just don't want it to end!!''
Holly Simpson

"Antiquarian Perfumery is a terrific course with a teacher whose first preoccupation is to make you feel at home.
I read a lot about Natural Perfumery, have books and everything, but the practice and discussions and forums and chats really make up a dorsal spine to your abilities, give you more sense of what to do and guide your choices to make a good composition.
The rest is your natural talent, your brain, your nose, your taste.
The course gives balance and teaches your first steps, letting you free to walk alone when you are secure. And the best of all: you make good friends.
Thank you Justine and Ruth to start a new line of course on Perfumery that is friendly, technical and intelligent at the same time."

"Being part of the Natural Perfume Academy has proven to be a positive step in my natural botanical perfumery studies. When I started the course I was so happy to join others who have the same passion for NBP as I did. Although we each had varying levels of knowledge of this art one thing I can appreciate about the course is that all instructions were clear & understandable. You didn't feel like you were so far behind other students that you'd never catch up. Or that the course was so easy that it was a waste of your time. That happy medium had been met! And no student came in with a "me" attitude. Everyone has been very helpful and willing to share ideas, suggestions, resources and "new to us" discoveries. The assignments are challenging and each student has been very encouraging every step of the way. And with the guidance of our very knowledgeable teacher, who practices what she teaches, you just feel like you're in the right place to learn."
Michigan, USA

"As a student of the NNAPA, I have managed to turn my passion for perfumes into something so much more. The course has opened my eyes to every aspect of natural botanical perfumery that I could possibly have hoped for. Being armed with this greater knowledge not only allows me to grasp a better understanding of the processes behind creating a new perfume; but also helps me understand those scents that already exist.
With a lot of valuable direction and encouragement from the NNAPA staff and other students, this course has given me a platform to realising my ultimate dream of producing marketable perfumes. I feel anyone who is resolute to study hard, share ideas, and has a genuine passion for perfume would fully benefit from this course."
Dimitri Dimitriadis

NNAPA / Natural Perfume Academy

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