Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This time of year has always been magical for me -- everything just opens up and spreads itself out; trees, green blooming fields, animals (in heat, usually), edibles. It inspires one to do the same (not the going into heat part), to kind of wake up and stretch, "soakin'", as my Texas raised step-daughter says. It's time for soaking, opening up, letting the good stuff in, getting warm.

Working on the course work book, reading and doing quite a lot of research has damn near worn me out mentally. So today I'm soakin'. Going to journal about the heart of that poison in beauty perfume, going to make the hyacinth evulsion the beating heart of the perfume, with the arteries and vessels made up of roses and jasmines and lotus . . . maybe a few spider veins of cananga and butter and black currant. The key here is the fusion -- without the fusion, it'll just smell like mud.

Almost done with Alec* Lawless' book, Artisan Perfumery or Being Led by the Nose. It's pretty good. Very concise and to the point; funny in some places. Clearly written by a man with no time for pretty prose and fooling around. I like that. A better teaching tool than some other more poetic perfume books I've read. This one is perfect for a beginning student or hobbyist. It'll definitely get them going down the right path, sans the blathering self-absorbed bullsh*t.

*I should look a little closer when I'm reading -- I initially wrote "Alex" instead of "Alec" -- sorry Mr. Lawless!

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