Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Strange Few Weeks

Little glitches have plagued me the past few weeks, nothing really major or life changing, just irritating and frustrating. Temporary inaccessibility to our bank account was as close to "life changing" as things got, but we managed to get it straightened out before anything horrendous happened, like the internet provider shutting off service or cable being turned off.

The one glitch that really bothers me because I usually don't let things go like this when I'm in a mind to care is ~ well, it's kind of a long story. I put a lot of those little corked 2 ml bottles of parfums up on Etsy a week ago or so. They were all in their little labeled boxes, ready to be individually labeled and packed up with the coffretts. I got behind on a few projects and asked a friend to stand in as assistant for the day, for which she happily agreed. I was happy too -- thrilled, really -- that I finally had a little help clearing things off the desk and getting orders out. Happy, that is, until I saw what she'd done because by the time I noticed, there was no fixing it.

She took the bottles from their labeled boxes and dropped them into baggies with the other bottles in the coffrett without first labeling the bottles. So the coffretts are only identified by the card attached to the baggie. Nothing on the bottle. The only "fix" would have been to open each bottle sniff the contents and mark the name of the perfume on a tag wrapped around the neck of the bottle. These are the bottles with the potentially leaky corks. I didn't want to run the risk of having the uncorked bottles seep out their contents before arriving at their destination, so I just left them as they were. Now I'm not so sure that was the right decision.

It bothers me. A lot. I'm not angry at my temporary assistant. As they say, sh*t happens. I'm just not so sure I did everything I could to fix the problem. I actually dreamed on it. That's how much it bugs.

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