Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ina Gadda Da Vida

I so want to get out into the garden today. There are currently three beds, one which is constantly under attack by our digging dog, the other by creepy Bermuda grass, and the third which is fully planted and sprouting fragrant bulbs, sage, rosemary and a funny little patch of wheatgrass. There was a ginger plant growing, but the first hard freeze kil't her daid. She was lovingly buried in the mulch pile amongst her other dead compatriots. The weather is unseasonably warm, we're getting low to mid 70's here and everything is starting to grow! The jasmine out front has literally taken over. I was reminded to prune the roses and when I went out with the shears to do so, I noticed that every rose bush in the garden was covered in twining jasmine just getting little pinkish flower buds. Since the jasmine is used in my perfumery and the roses are usually not, the roses get to be scraggly and non-productive this year whilst allowing the jasmine to flourish. Some of the hyacinth out front have also begun to bloom, however, people who visit just don't seem to manage to look down when they mill around the front porch, inadvertently stomping the fresh flower heads into the dust. Just the other day I found a cigarette butt on the edge of the front garden, as if someone had tossed their butt and smashed it out, but it had stuck the underside of their shoe and was lifted up and over the edge of the sidewalk into the garden -- or they could have just kicked it in there. I went on a rail after that, posting a big note at the front door which reads, "Please don't toss your cigarette butts into my garden, and for that courtesy, I won't poison while you visit." I agree, it's a bit harsh, but it definitely got the message across and I've yet to find another butt in or near the front garden. One or two people got a bit saucy with me and I went on to explain to them about the poisons and toxins in cigarette butts, which is why, at least here in California, it is illegal to dump car ashtrays into the gutters lest the nasty butts end up in our drinking water, AND that since I use most of what I grow either as food or in perfumery, they were poisoning me first, so I felt it was my right to reciprocate.

But the garden, the garden -- I started my seeds about a week ago and have been honored by the presence of little lettuces sprouting up. Thus far nothing else has sprouted, but it may take a few more warm days or a heating pad(?) to get them going. I'm hoping to get the whole family out prepping the beds in anticipation of getting those lettuces down. Mom's garden is nearly ready to plant as well -- she's getting more fill dirt for the raised beds and has nearly 6 of the 9 beds turned and cleaned, ready for more dirt and some plants. The rosemary and lavender she has growing for me are enormous! I am so looking forward to harvesting the lavender for hydrosol and dry flower buds.

Nothing says get to work in the garden like a lovely warm day, happy kids, and a little Mozart.

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