Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not Goot Soap. Bad Soap. Is Burning da Skins.

I did something that I haven't done in a long, long time. I completely messed up a batch of soap that I carefully and beautifully scented with a fougere accord. My gram weight scale bit the dust just around Christmastime and I hadn't gotten around to replacing it yet, using a smaller scale borrowed from the neighbor to make soap, that is until I decided to wing it the other day without a working scale in the house. Back in the good old days when I was teaching myself soap making, I used to measure everything out in measuring cups-- the lye, the oil, the water, the additives-- everything. Crap shoot soap was created in that manner. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. When I decided to employ a scale and weigh everything in grams, all that changed. Best soap ever! This latest disaster, though hard and crumbly and so lye heavy it burned the eyes to be around, smelled heavenly! I rebatched and fussed over it for two days before tossing it into the trash can. I know, I could have used it in laundry or liquified it into an all-purpose cleaner, but I was mad. I poked and prodded and fussed and babied it for 48 hours and it didn't respond to all the love I was sending it. Instead it chose to lie there like a snotty green Jello shot, smelling beautiful but looking oh so slimy and bespeckled, so I-- well, I told you already-- I trashed it! No regrets.

I have to come up with something prosperous or prosperity inspiring and I'm not feeling particularly prosperous at the moment. I feel like I'm treading stagnant waters.

"Stagnant Waters, the essence of going no where with mud between your toes, " by Hoobygut. Sold at all major gas stations. And nightclub bathrooms.


  1. every time I made an error it is due to my overlooking the precision that is so necessary in soap making! I remember a couple of years ago, I had had a heated convo with someone and then went ahead and made soap, I added twice as much water and ruined 10 year old patchouli like 8 ounces of it! I ended up tossing the whole thing after 6 months of hoping it would never did and I never did like rebatching.
    just goes to show you!
    forgive yourself in all things and move on:)
    love you

  2. Precision, exactly! I used a flippin' measuring cup for the lye -- I know better than that. But I was compelled to make soap and went ahead without the proper equipment. Attitude during soap making makes a huge difference as well -- as you say, having an argument or feeling angry or depressed makes for icky soap. Rebatching is a joke. Never had optimal results with rebatched soap. I did scrounge around in the trash for one piece of the lye-heavy soap, dissolved it in a bucket of hot water and mopped my kitchen floor with it! So it was, in part, put to some good use.

    Yes, forgive. I already made a new batch with my new scale and everything is well in Soapville again :)




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