Saturday, August 06, 2011

Jasmine Coconut Cupcakes by Moi!

The recipe is over at Perfume Pharmer ~ yum!


  1. Sounds yummy beyond belief, but I can't do them. ??? you might say...But the measurements are in American cups and so far I have never been able to translate them into Swedish measurements with any good result. Poor me, poooor me ;.9

  2. For Cake:

    400 grams flour
    340 grams granulated sugar
    118 mls melted butter
    2 eggs
    227 mls whole fat milk
    60 grams moist coconut flakes (or mashed banana)
    14 grams baking powder
    5 mls natural vanilla extract
    3 mls *jasmine sambac extract
    a pinch of salt (1 gram or so)

    For frosting:

    226 grams cream cheese
    14 grams powdered sugar
    30 mls whole milk
    5 mls natural vanilla extract
    1 - 2 mls *jasmine sambac extract

    *jasmine sambac extract - 1 ml jasmine sambac absolute, 8 mls organic grain alcohol or suitable alcohol, 1 ml vegetable glycerin

    Now you can make it :)



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