Friday, August 12, 2011

Mixing Thoughts

As most of my readers know, I distill a lot of different botanicals to create artisan style hydrosols -- some things that aren't readily available in the larger marketplace. I create quite a few co-distillations as well, the most recent being kombu seaweed and lime, and another of rose geranium (from my garden) and luban. But I think it's important to point out that much like perfume ingredients, these hydrosols can be blended together to make something phenomenal for your own needs. For example, blending the white sage hydrosol with the sweet grass hydrosols makes a very effective and powerful spiritual cleansing tool. White sage with English lavender is also quite nice, and works beautifully as an aura cleansing tool in pranic healing practices. Blending the two lavandins, the green and the fine, make a more well-rounded and full scent profile, as well as creating a luscious skin cleanser and toner. Mixing a little of the lavandin fine with the rose geranium and luban co-distillation is drop-dead gorgeous! A splash of patchouli and a dash of vetyver hydrosol, and it's almost a perfume.

Limitless possibilities.

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