Friday, September 02, 2011

Natural Perfume Academy Fall Session 2011

The Natural Perfume Academy online is set to begin its Fall session beginning September 22, 2011. Sessions will no longer run for 12 months, but will instead run for 6 months. We discovered that 12 months was simply too long a period of time to run the course and it was effortlessly converted to a 6 month time frame.

Other changes made to the course include the elimination of the 50+ Essence Evaluation Kits and Blending Kits included with tuition. The Essence Evaluation Kits will not be offered at all, however, the Blending Kits, or Perfume Formulation Kits at the Academy store online, are being offered at a separate cost and include:

* Oakmoss- 2ml
* Rose de Mai- 2ml
* Bergamot FCF - 5ml
* Coriander - 5ml
* Frankincense - 5ml
* Geranium, Bourbon - 5ml
* Ginger - 5ml
* Ho Wood - 5ml
* Jasmine Sambac - 2ml
* Cistus - 5ml
* Lavender - 5ml
* Lemongrass - 5ml
* Neroli Absolute - 2ml
* Patchouli Absolute - 5ml
* Petitgrain - 5ml
* Grapefruit, Pink - 5ml
* Vetiver Bourbon - 5ml
* Ylang Ylang Complete - 5ml
* Bulgarian Rose Concrete - 5ml

Because we eliminated the Essence Evaluation Kits and only offer the Blending Kits/Perfume Formulation Kits as an option, and the course time frame has been cut in half, the cost of the course has been drastically reduced from $1350 for a full session to only $725 for a full session.

NNAPA/Natural Perfume Academy is accepting new students for the Fall session. Reserve your position in the course with a $240 deposit. Payment plans are available. The course is completed March 21, 2011, at which time the students will receive their Certificate of Excellence in Natural Botanical Perfumery from the Natural Perfume Academy.

To register for the Fall session, please contact Justine Crane at, or go to for more information.

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