Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New News

Redundant, eh?

Well, NNAPA is gearing up to add another course to the list -- a Portuguese language six-month intensive begins October 1, 2011 for our Portuguese-speaking perfumery friends. The course cost is the same ($725 USD) as the English language course, with full tutor and mentor support (many of our past students are fluent in both Portuguese and English). Both the text book and the work book for the course have been translated into Portuguese, so self-study is also an option, though at the moment only the text book is available through CreateSpace or through direct purchase here (see right sidebar). I hope to have the work book in Portuguese published within a few weeks to help those students who wish to utilize a structured course for essence evaluations, trial study evals, and perfume formulation worksheets.

A lot has happened in the past few weeks. My entire life has been turned upside down. I walked away from a long-term relationship, started a new job, was offered another part-time job, and -- well, does there need to be an 'and'? My head is still reeling. I feel like it may be a while before I feel 'normal' again, whatever that is. As for formulating, I have only one perfume in mind that I will share next year, and I'm still in the throes of a soap making frenzy, but thus far have managed to create really scary dark soaps that obviously reflect my recent emotional upheaval. I haven't made hydrosol since September 3 during the Psychic Fair -- made about a liter of fresh white sage hydrosol which I gifted to Shannon at Seasons, where the fair was being held. There's another fair being planned for November 5, 2011, so if you're in the Central Valley and have nothing important to do that day, stop by and give it a visit. You'll like it -- promise.

My current projects are: cleaning out the studio to turn part of it into a bedroom for myself and my mother; make money (duh) to care for my family; write, write, write; be happy. Not necessarily in that order. But so far have managed only to drag a mattress into the living room to sleep at night, and keep the front lawn watered. Not making much of a dent in my current projects list.




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