Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Formulating is off the table at the moment because I caught a late summer cold. Wahhh. So I'm reading -- what else can I do? I'm reading three books at the moment, Kyphi The Sacred Scent by Karl Vermillion, and I love this self-published translation despite the hieroglyphs I obviously cannot read; The Credibility Code by Cara Hale Alter, and The Scent of Desire (again!) by Rachel Herz. The Credibility Code is a self-help manual for -- well, you know what? Maybe it's something you can check into yourself. It's pretty cool, but might not be your cup of tea. I'm not really 'down' with self-help books, but this one is actually helping me -- at least to feel better, and that's something. Kyphi is fabulous fun. I haven't quite sorted it out yet, but there is a story in there of Ancient Egyptians preserving for all time their most sacred spiritual recipe so that future generations can continue their spiritual journey using the exact same tools. The Scent of Desire is a great fun read as well. Full of factoids about the sense of smell and what we human animals find sexy and desirable.


  1. You reminded me to add The Scent of Desire to the book club list.

    1. Yes, add it! It's a good book.



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