Monday, August 13, 2012

It's been another one of those weekends, long, drawn-out, not entirely pleasant, here and there pockets of joy, and lots and lots of heat. I wasn't able to make it into work this past weekend, and that's always cause for nervousness. My daily horoscopes seem to take on deeper meaning when I play the slacker, rather than having nothing to do with what has actually transpired for the day. I see the words 'things will heat up at day's end' and I think, oh, my! I'm getting fired from my job because I didn't go in this past weekend, instead of thinking that the temperature is predicted to reach 110 to 112 today, and there is a heat advisory for sensitive groups. I remind myself that I can literally go into work any time, day or night, so coming back to work after everyone else has gone isn't unheard of, and may even appear as job dedication (one hopes). I had every intention of going in, but things (those darned things) got in the way. My kids came over from the coast unexpectedly, then my 16-year-old decided to ride a motorcycle into a pile of rocks and is now suffering with horrendous road rash. I've been tending him with anti-bacterial ointments and otc pain killers, carefully watching the one particularly deep weepy gash that I worry may harbor uglier bugs than what the little tube of triple ointment can handle. The joy of the weekend came in the form of a pedicure, a long-awaited pedicure. That was a nice 30-minute pocket of good stuff. The studio was barely touched this past weekend as well. I had every intention of going in and readying it for the September 8th Kyphi Making Class I'm hosting here, but all I was able to accomplish was getting the living space (outside the studio) rearranged. The flow is more liveable there now. My plans for this past weekend also included getting the flyers ready for the September 8th Kyphi Making Class, but, you got it, that didn't happen either. So this evening, after my second foray to the job, I will sit down and work on the flyers.

I wish I had more to say about perfume, but other than having put together cute labels for the Golden Kyphi (also ready on Sept. 8) not many perfume-related events occurred this past weekend.

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