Monday, February 18, 2013

Purchase Working the Bench, A Practical Guide to Natural Botanical Perfumery

Purchase Working the Bench.

*UPDATE!  Since the poor review of my book came out July 15, 2014, I've seen a dramatic drop in the sales of the book. I agree with the reviewer, the pages were a mess, way too small print, print in boxes, and no where near the margins of the page -- but I've remedied those issues and the book is no longer a 210 page disappointment (though, when Amazon lists a book, they list ALL pages, including introduction, preface, bibliography, sources, and blanks -- all the stuff that isn't really the reading part of the book) but a 176 page fully functional instructional on natural perfumery. This same reviewer left a poor review of the Essence Evaluation Workbook as well, but I have no excuses for that -- it IS a workbook, and what Amazon chooses to show as preview pages is entirely out of my hands. I've remedied the description of the EEW to reflect that it is 95% worksheets to help students keep track and record their experiments.


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