Saturday, April 06, 2013

SF Chocolate Salon with Fragrance in the Corner . . .

Okay, so I'll start this post by saying I love any event that features perfume, specifically naturals, but perfume in general. I loved Persephenie's exhibitions and still believe that model can be expanded upon and utilized to a perfumer's benefit in ways that -- well, I'll get back to that a bit later. The SF Fragrance Salon was more about chocolate and artisan booze and not much about fragrance. If I hadn't been so preoccupied, I would have taken a photo of the sign I'm assuming the event's coordinator managed to supply for the fragrance part. It looked a little bit like this:

Except my example has even edges and theirs looked like it had been ripped from a roll of butcher's paper, all jaggedy edged and sideways. Two perfumers, Laurie Stern and Roxana Villa, brought their business banners, which were much more tastefully made but not specific to the Fragrance Salon itself. I work for a banner company part-time, I know how much it costs to make one, and the salon folks might have been able to get a fragrance and a chocolate banner for the approximate amount of money they made from five people charged at the door, and placed that fragrance banner near where the fragrance salon was located, way in the back, up on a loft area, above the toilets.

So this post is kind of going off from where I want it to. Bottom line with these salons is that the perfumers need to be more pro-active. This is your show. Make the signs, get a banner, contact the organizers of the salons and ask if you can do a little layout planning. Though the SF Fragrance Salon was nice, and the loft space was really nice, it was conspicuously set quite a way from the last table of the chocolate salon, leaving a huge gap between the two with little direction to head up to the loft. One image that really sticks in my mind is confused attendees wandering about the loft, infused with chocolate, dazed by the shots of absinthe and artisan tequila, wondering where the hell they'd got to.

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