Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ah, A Little Reflection, and Some Stuff You Probably Didn't Need to Know

Life, for all it's pain and heartache, is worth it. And it's short, so don't squander. Live your dreams now. I know, it all sounds like hippy-dippy bullshit, but believe me, when friends your age start dying off, you begin to wonder why you're still doing what you were doing 10 years ago and those grand dreams are still locked in your head. I recently read an article in Elle Magazine (yes, I get 'em for the articles which are written by brilliant women) wherein a woman whose name I cannot remember had made a life time line. Every single thing she does is mapped out in years. By 2024 she plans to be president. So we shall see. The point I'm trying to make is don't wait. Write down what you want and then work to get it. If it's important, make every day a step in that direction to attain it. No matter what it is. I leave it to you to sort out the frivolity and morality of whatever it is you want. That's your journey, baby. Mine is flavored with the jeweled tones of Morocco, the spiced dust of rustic bleached wooden trestle tables and stone mortars and pestles, and the sultry smoke of love infused incenses curling up into the air like exhaled berry blush hookah. More on that later -- perhaps 2014?

So I've leapt from behind the dirty panes of confusion of the past decade toward something with more clarity, especially when it comes to business. It's not gonna work here in my lovely hometown of Fresno. Not. Gonna. Work. Online doesn't begin to delve into the richness and depth of the beauty that lies within my little studio space, and my dream is to open shop again. My studio is literally bursting its seams with aromatics and herbs and antiques relating to perfumery. I sleep in a museum. And it's not being shared because despite my very best efforts, nobody here gives a crap! Fresno's not touristy. It's not a go-to town with attractions. It's biggest attraction is, if it can be called that, the Time of Two -- two hours from Yosemite, roughly two hours from L.A., two hours from the central coast, two hours from San Francisco -- it's a hub that isn't a starting point for anything except getting out! And I've just learned recently that Fresno has been given the distinguishing title of Meth Capitol. How much more depressing can it get? Oh, the heat. Yes. Summers can be epically HOT. Like 110 for 20 days in a row. If you lived in Los Angeles or San Francisco or not in the central valley, would you leave your lovely climate to come here to hell to take an incense class? It would have to be one heck of a class! Or apprentice as a student perfumer for three months?

This I feel I must share with you ~ that new Red Kyphi is phenomenal. And a little scary. I have not burned any since that night it gave me nightmares, but I'm coming around. I'm thinking its all about your approach. If you're burning it to feel better, don't. If you're burning because you feel great and just want to open yourself up, then do. It exacerbates the dark mood if you start with one. I will share what it does if you begin with a great mood. It may well be this is dark magic we're working with here and this kyphi might be best suited for work that I'm not interested in performing. I leave it to someone else to poke a stick in that jellyfish.

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