Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting Back Into the Groove

Just a few things the past couple of days have caused me to really begin jonesing over all the packed
aromatics -- the first attempt at a Buddha's hand and nutmeg scone, a wee extraction of Buddha's hand peel in etoh, and though not related to perfumery or the aromatics, the welcoming bloom of a Rose of Jericho at the front door, and setting up my sacred space in a new space. I miss doodling about with aromatics. I've

had zero free time in the past two years for any serious doodling about and I'm slowly getting back into it, or quickly, depending upon your perspective of the matter. I'm thinking about putting out my sticky feelers for a few brave souls to join in a perfume event, something along the lines of a Midsummer Night's Dream event,

or perhaps a collective journey through the process and discoveries (enlightenment?) of kyphi, the first perfume. Kyphi has become my pet project. I love experimenting with different elements of kyphi, and I love

 experiencing the work of other kyphi makers. The last batch of kyphi I made -- those bits that haven't been packaged for sale -- still simmers in a copper bowl, gathering energy. Sort of like me, just simmering,

gathering energy for what's to come.


  1. I'm happy to hear you again!
    I wish to you and your family at the new house: peace, love and and very fragrant.
    Buddha's Hand citron has an aroma reminiscent of violets?

    1. Hey Marian! I'm so happy you're popping in to 'see' me again :) I hope you're doing well. Buddha's hand citron doesn't smell like violets, but it does have a slight floral aspect, more like lemon blossoms, along with a sweet lemon/bergamot peel scent. I'm tincturing the peel and will evaluate it in a few weeks. I figure that is when I'll get a full picture of its aromatic character.



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