Thursday, November 07, 2013

Day 95 ~ OYON 365 Days -- Pink Lotus Concrete

I have probably already listed this pink lotus concrete/wax on the 365 Days of Olfaction project, but in case I haven't, and just because it's such an awesome raw material, I'm going to wax poetical about it today.

First of all, I'm a little confused by what I have here. Back in 2004 or 2005 (maybe even 2003), I called up Christopher at White Lotus Aromatics to find out if they had any floral waxes -- this was during the height of my soapmaking business and lots of floral waxes were being used in soap at that time -- and all he had at that time was this pink lotus "wax" at a price I can no longer remember. This was also during a very flush financial time for me, so paying several hundreds of dollars for a kilo of anything wouldn't have caused me to bat an eye. Today it would give me a heart attack, but back then? No amount was too large to get something fabulously fragrant, rare, beautiful and useful. The confusion arises from the way the kilo was presented -- in it's original eight ounce cans from the manufacturer in India. The labels read 'Lotus Conc.', which I take to mean concrete? However, the paper label affixed by White Lotus Aromatics to the top of the cans read 'pink lotus wax'. So.

At present time a pink lotus concrete is being offered by Liberty Naturals for just under $65 an ounce. Thus far I've found no US distributors selling pink lotus floral wax. Again, Liberty Naturals offers a variety of floral waxes in prices ranging from $9 to $22 per ounce. I'd imagine due to its rarity, pink lotus 'wax' would sell for around the $22 mark or above. I don't know. As I mentioned earlier, I've yet to find anyone selling the wax, and the concrete is fairly pricey.Why am I going on about price? Because I'd like to offer it 'out there' to the world to anyone interested in working with the stuff, or just to have as a piece of their scent library. I'm planning to use some in kyphi soon, perhaps as a drizzle over soap.

The pink lotus concrete/wax has a subtle scent, earthy, muddy, sweet, 'watery', almost resinous, and very different from the absolute in that it's much softer and more floral. Delicate. Pink and languid, ephemeral, still, meditative. As it sits upon the skin it becomes more floral, waxy-sweet and muddy, with a delicate metallic shimmer. It's magical.

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