Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pink Lotus Kyphi, Step Two

Now that the bulk of the resins are ground to powder for this kyphi, I've begun drying fruit -- sweet persimmons -- for the dried fruit portion of the kyphi. I'm also soaking the herbs in a sweet moscato wine -- I guess I'm wanting this particular kyphi to be sweet, eh? One of the herbs I'm using in this is a honey scented clevelandii sage that I harvested from my friend's expansive herb garden. The smell just captivates me -- and it too is sweet.

Still waiting for a few of the raw materials to show up in the post to add to the mix, then it's drying and aging.

Also made some beeswax Yule candles with a ton of scent. I wanted a scent that captured the spirit of the season, something smoky and spicy, redolent of pine and moss. I even used a bit of hazelnut CO2, and a pinch of myrrh powder to round it out.

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