Thursday, January 09, 2014

Croissants and Soothing the Soul

I'm teaching myself the basics of croissants, then I'm going to fill them with wonderful things. Rose, orange blossom, jasmine, gardenia cream cheese(s), lavender sugar, bergamot sugar, savory bacon, prune and patchouli filling -- oh, the possibilities are just zinging about. I copied a few recipes off the 'net as I have yet to discover which box my Julia Child cookbooks are hidden -- everyone knows what a perfectionist she was, and if it weren't for her, my bechamel would be clotty -- so I don't have the expert's version as yet. As with anything, practice makes perfect, and tweaking (not twerking) is allowed so long as no one gets hurt. I feel I have at least a half dozen more practice batches to go before I get where I would like to be, then the real experimentation will begin. Can't hardly wait.

I've been slowly coming out of the fog, what with mom and the holidays and obligations and expectations and life and death and new beginnings and sad endings -- it's a cycle, and it's how you handle it that makes you who you are. I cry every day, and I laugh every day, so there is somewhat of a balance going on, though I've probably been in my pajamas more these past weeks than in regular clothes, and I haven't gone out much except for what's absolutely necessary. Perhaps still teetering a bit to the sad side. Every day the fog lifts higher, the more intent I become on future plans, future creations. Again, can't hardly wait.

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