Friday, May 02, 2014

Do What You Love

And don't think about what you hate. It's a difficult rule to follow for some of us. The doing what I love part I have down pat, it's the not thinking about what I hate, or more precisely, what aggravates me to the point of hair pulling, that I don't quite have a handle on.

I received some new toys yesterday, more geek perfumer goodies from my favorite geek shop.

Loads of glass droppers
Adorable apothecary style 100 ml flacons
Droppers. Never underestimate the value of a good glass dropper. The trick to keeping your droppers 'healthy' and maintaining the rubberiness of the rubber bulb is to wash them right after they are used. Right after. Don't wait a few hours or a few days, or, heaven forbid, a month, wash them right away. Rinse them in alcohol, then give them a nice warm bubbly bath and clean all their little curves and hollows with a soapy pipe cleaner. Rinse well, and air dry completely before reattaching the two parts. Oh, and try not to draw up raw materials, alcohol, perfume, or whatever, all the way into the bulby part.

These sweet 100 ml apothecary style bottles are for tinctures and dilutions. Yeah, I know, they have corks, and though I love the aesthetic of corked bottles, they don't play nicely with alcohol-based anything. I have a few glass stoppers without bottles lying about, so I may go through them to see which will fit these bottles. In the meantime, I suffer the plague of the cork.
Nifty 500 ml glass distillation unit

Rainbow of tins for storing kyphi
I have no idea why there's a random "N" up there next to the distillation photo. Just ignore it. Well, try anyway. Okay, so I have a copper distillation unit buried somewhere in the boxes left in the garage, but I've been wanting a glass unit for a long, long time. Very fancy pants, isn't it? It's a small unit, 500 mls, and I'm planning to use it for things like the neighbor's rosa centifolia that they allow to wilt and fall to the ground. Small batches for lovely hydrosols of delicate floral whatnots.

The tins were a boon. Wasn't looking for them, but I was thinking of something colorful and jewel-like to house the finished kyphi. Until I can get the packaging I want (colored glass/cork) these will do nicely. In fact, I may change my mind about the glass, or add the glass as an option. These tins hold 14 grams of finished kyphi perfectly.

This is what I love. Creating these wonderful aromatic luxuries from natural raw materials, and presenting them in packages that look like gifts.


  1. I really like the droppers and the bottles. The bottles have good corks. I am also a glass blower student at SiNaCa glass studio in Ft. Worth, TX, and I do weld so I make my distillers, but it is nice cute to get a real lab distiller. Tin cans are cute and will keep Kyphi moist. I will burn Kyphi on our Hair Studio Style for Love.Co. I know our friends will love it.

    1. I really like the corked bottles. They're great for making small batches of evulsions (ultrasonic tinctures). I've got an evulsion of coffee going right now.

      That's really cool that you can make your own distillation units!



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