Friday, August 08, 2014

Not So Idle Hands

Lest you think I've been sitting idly by as I watch my perfumery being sold off to the highest bidder (literally), I'll have you know that I have not -- been sitting idly by. I've done some distillation, and I've reconsidered my perfumery involvement and come up with some pretty good goods to sell at the apothecary. The next project will be oil perfumes based on the Kyphi formulations I've already made. I've been asked for years to create oil-based perfumes and I stubbornly rejected the idea. I'm not doing that anymore. Oil-based perfumery is still perfumery and can be as beautiful and classy as a mist of spray from a pretty little bottle of natural perfume.

Here's what's up:

Tuberose & Patchouli Body Mist 2.5 oz

Rose Geranium & Olive Leaf Hydrosol 2.5 oz

These are going up on The Scented Djinn's Etsy Apothecary right .... now!

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