Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ugly Soap, Allergies, and Kyphi

Cranking out soap, that's what I'm about these days. I just want to make batch after batch, play with combinations of scent, and pour, or plop, something decadent and delicious and ridiculously rare and expensive into the pot. The decision to be less focused on strictly perfumery was a good one. I'm almost back to my old creative self, experimenting, messing with ratios, pushing the envelope. I'm not good at following rules, even my own, which is why I've been making errors in soap making. I decided, after very little self debate, to make a hot process batch of soap -- a shampoo bar, to be precise -- obviously having forgotten that making hot process requires more attention and less of the languid, meditative, laissez-faire attitude I usually work within. One must be in a mood for intensity, and lately I've not been. So I cranked out a lumpy, ugly soap. Not my best work. Smells good, though. And I'm still going to sell it, warts and all, because there was no mistake except that the bars are cosmetically challenged. No more experiments in hot process for me. The next shampoo bar will be smooth and lumpless.

I've offered custom perfume oils in jojoba on the Etsy shop and I've been getting bites! Not to sound unusually excited since I've been doing this for a few years, but hey, when I was offering customs in alcohol, I didn't get anywhere near this kind of attention, and it's kind of nice.

It's weird, I always feel like I've nothing to do creatively and then I look at my log and say, oh, yeah, I have that custom, and that order, and that formulation I'm working on, and that, and that, and that -- then I remember I am busy, I'm just overwhelmed with life stuff, as usual, and can't think straight. I'm considering a big white board with a calendar on it so I can write in all this stuff I'm working on, so the people here don't think my only reason for existence is to clean the litter box, feed the dog, wash laundry, scrub toilets, and fix something fabulous for dinner. Oh, and be at their beck and call when they need a car registered or a special part from the auto store, or some doohickey from the hardware store that ultimately ends up not getting used. Yeah, I have that kind of life.

At any rate, I've been struggling with allergies lately, more or less in my lungs and head than in my sinuses. Roaming back and forth between the blast furnace heat of the central valley to the cool climes of the central coast have ripped my poor respiratory system to shreds. Lots of irrigation and steam bathing has gone on. And I'm going back to the hot valley later this week to teach the Kyphi class at my friend Shannon's shop in Sanger - Season's of Spirit. I'm really looking forward to building this Kyphi with the class. I'm thinking about doubling my usual recipe to get even more out of it. The energy raised during these group Kyphi-making classes is astounding. The Kyphi always turns out so much more -- vibrant. 

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