Thursday, June 18, 2015


My official stance is that the perfumes I create are art, as in, one off work never again to be repeated. I've never actually stated this before, but it is the driving force behind why I rarely, if ever, make second batches of perfumes, despite their popularity. To recreate a natural perfume over and over again is the ultimate definition of boring, plus, one can never truly capture the elegance and refinement and perfection of that first batch. It just cannot be done. What is made is a close approximation, like an oil painting reproduction of a fabulous original -- the copies lose the shimmer of the original, however deft the painter. If a natural perfumer were to continue to recreate a batch year after year, using the same raw materials but different suppliers of those materials, different LOT numbers, different years of distillation or what have you, what you've really got is a reformulation.

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