Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Problem With Making Lots of Experimental Product Is . . .

. . . you sometimes end up with this:

1250 mls of thick, goopy liquid soap and no containers to put it in. I'm thinking of adding some borax and baking soda and making it a stain lifting thing for laundry.

I did use some of it (the container was once full to the top) for laundry and it worked very well. It isn't suitable for dishes because when I add it to water, it instantly clouds up and when it finds greasy stuff, it curdles and further fudges the dish water. Plus it wasn't cleaning the dishes well without direct application. What I've got here isn't suitable for shower soap yet as my goal is to get it clear, which means somewhere along the line, probably in the weighing of the raw materials, I messed up. But I want to get rid of this first before I challenge myself to another batch -- I'm running out of large containers to hold all this soap! I'm only making 1 lb test batches and this is what they grow to. I will master this someday. Promise. Then there will be beautiful soft, bubbly, liquid soap from The Scented Djinn in sweet little bottles at the Etsy shop.

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