Saturday, November 21, 2015

Profiles in American Perfumery at Cafleurebon

Remember when I talked about bios the other day? The reason I mentioned it was because I was asked by Michelyn Camen, editor-in-chief of Cafleurebon to write up a bio for her online perfumer spotlight series 'Profiles in American Perfumery'. If you click on the link and follow the instructions provided, you can win some perfume -- from me.

Another bit of news, which feels more like a heavy burden being unloaded, is -- the book is done. A little more than two years, dozens of studies, hours of research, early mornings, late nights, and all day ticking away at the computer keyboard have built this severely edited for content book. Basically, with all the discarded content, I can begin yet another book. But I need a break. I've been knocking myself out daily since last May to get this done, and honestly, I'm a little disappointed with myself. Why? Because I feel like I let myself down with this new book -- I feel like having to edit out entire chapters and honing it down to basic bones is a reflection of my impatience to see a project through completely and properly. I'm not saying the book isn't good (but what author/writer would admit their book isn't good?) What I've learned about submitting a book for publication is that once the editing is complete, do it. Submit and walk away because if you sit there second guessing yourself, you'll put that book back down on the desk and start writing in it again. You'll edit it to death, rewrite, cut out, add in, and generally fudge the thing up. Save all that other stuff for the next project. I'm currently adding the index, and let me tell you, what a rabid pain in the bum that is! Last night I spent hours working on it, leaning over the keyboard with my face mere inches from the computer screen scrutinizing page numbers and words until I actually cut off the circulation to my lower half and got a stomach ache. I also have this bad habit of holding my breath when I'm in deep concentration, which also makes me a bit light headed sometimes. So, yeah, I'm a weirdo.

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  1. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Congratulations on both raising your profile and finishing your book.

    I hope you've got someone on hand to pat you on the back (gently, if you've been hunched over the index for too long!) and provide you with a treat or two as a reward for your hard work.

    Wishing you good luck with everything, and I'll keep my eyes peeled for the book,

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh ;-)



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