Monday, November 30, 2015

The Coming of Yule

I was able to knock that cold right in the eye. 12,000 mgs of Vitamin C on day one, 6,000 mgs on day two, and another 6,000 today and it looks like the cold let go and left town. I read up on the Vitamin C cure and found that in order for the protocol to work, a person must reach saturation. This means that when the protocol gives you, um, a bit of gastric discomfort, you've found the cut off point. I found it at 6,000 mgs, but was a bit enthusiastic about getting rid of the virus so I doubled saturation. I've also discovered that a Vitamin C protocol might work nicely on these chronic sinus infections I've dealt with for the past my whole life.

I'm currently waiting for the proof copy of the new book to arrive. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to re-do the index -- again. Formatting the book to fit specs really kicked my butt so that by the time I got it right, from about Chapter 5 on (to Chapter 13), the pages were off enough to effect where the markers were for the index. Fixing the index post-publishing-of-the-proof won't effect the layout, but I'm a bit anxious to see how the book will look finished, which is why I asked for a proof before fixing the index. That's a roundabout way of saying there's more work to do. Indexes are exhausting. I worked on it for four days straight while trying to figure out specs and layout and getting one program to fit with another -- it was a flippin' mess, and I was frustrated to tears at some points. All the things that I'd remembered about the first book's layout came back in a tsunami of 'oh, sh*t' -- I'd forgotten that graphics and graphs, pictures and drawings, not to mention box framing the text (a big NO-NO), behave differently when transferring from a doc to a pdf -- proper spacing is crucial, as are font sizes. And allowing 'full color' instead of black and white jacks up the per-book price by about 300%. I must make a note of it this time so the next time I won't go through this much crap to get it finished. Simple and plain wins the day. Meh.

Only 20-odd days until Yule and I've gotten absolutely NOTHING done for it. And I'm going out of town today until Thursday, so nothing will be done until I return home. At the same time that I'm a little frustrated with the lag in performance, I'm also a bit confounded. I feel like the book consumed so much of my creative time, I'm a bit tapped out at the moment. I'm hoping this mini vacation will help spark the creative fires so that when I get back, I can go into production and really whip up some fabulous things.

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