Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More Tincturing

Tincturing has become my newest obsession. A dear friend of mine likes to say she can (and will) tincture ANYTHING. A dirty shirt? No problem. Soiled socks? Toss those puppies in the sauce! After throwing ideas at her, her list of 'I Will Tincture' starts to sound like the ingredients to a very potent witch's brew. Skin of toad and eye of salamander, toe of a condemned criminal and the ex's blackened soul. *Cackle!*

And maybe in some small sense, this is what I'm trying to do within my tincturing adventures -- find some special witch's brew of essence.

Like this dark, soupy, almost resinous green tea tincture that's more like an essential oil or diluted absolute than anything else. When I sniff it, I think of bongwater, mossy rocks in a cold running stream, the loamy soil of a warm forest floor.

Tincturing is an artform itself. No, it isn't difficult to gather up the materials, fill a jar with them and pour a good alcohol over the top. But selecting the right materials at the right time, finding the just right proportions and knowing when to decant the resultant sauce is a trick.

I now have requests to tincture from customers. Can you believe that? One woman wants me to tincture her bra to extract the essence of lactation and warm mother's skin. Wild.


  1. Floriahn10:07 AM

    So that's what you got in that fume - the ex's blackened soul...thought I smelled some sulphor in there cackle-wee-cackle

    But your green tea tincture rocks for sure, better than any tea tincture I ever made. Hmmppff, need to practise I think.

    And you are absolutely right about knowing when to strain and when to add - grfmmfff, my variety of sweet grass have gone strange, cause I have let the latest batch sit in the jar until the straws are all pale. Stupid, silly wench me.

    Right now I'm on the lookout for lingon-berries that are still around in the woods. Lingon-berry tincture sounds very exotic, don't you think?

  2. Oh, no, you've found me out! Are dark souls vegan? Dang! Now I'm going to have to change my labeling . . .

  3. Yes! Lignon berry tincture sounds divine. Do it, do it, do it!



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