Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Perfume Counter

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that people still raise their eyebrows a titch and paste on one of those pretend smiles when they ask me what I do and I go into my late-in-life career*slash*art introduction speech.

Perfume? Natural perfume?

But I couldn't have been more surprised than I was when I visited the local perfume store and found someone who actually got it. And it was the perfume salesperson! You just cannot know how wonderful it feels to have piqued and held someone's interest while droning on about tinctures, dilutions, absolutes, essential oils, organic grape alcohol and dreams of Grasse while grasping a half dozen scent strips stinking of synthetics. You just can't -- unless you've been there.


  1. Floriahn10:00 AM

    Good for you to find such interested audience:-) You will soon find, that the more you talk about your passion, the more people will remember it and actually come around asking you about how it
    s going and if you have done anything interesting lately. Go sistah!

  2. The history of perfume goes back to Egypt, although it was prevalent in East Asia as well. Early perfumes were based on incense, not chemicals, so aromas were passed

    around through fumes. The Roman and Islamic cultures further refined the harvesting and manufacturing of perfumery processes to include other aromatic ingredients.

    Thus, the ancient Islamic culture marked the history of modern perfumery with the introduction of spices and herbs. Fragrances and other exotic substances, such as

    Jasmine and Citruses, were adapted to be harvested in climates outside of their indigenous Asia.



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