Monday, November 20, 2006


Artisan soapmaker.

Laura loaded her soaps with rare and delicious aromatics ~ warm, smooth Tamil Nadu sandalwood -- four ounces of that sandalwood, half-an-ounce of vanilla paste, and an ounce or so more of Rainbow Meadow's amber paste to a three pound batch of soap.

Now THAT was a bathing experience never to be forgotten.

And I haven't.


  1. Anonymous4:01 PM

    I have always been convinced that Laura was either a beautiful perfume or an angel in a past life. How else could she blend so ethereal and unforgettable?

  2. Laura's creations were ethereal. Almost not to be believed. I received a neroli/patchouli/amber body powder from her once that was like heaven. It WAS a perfume. Whenever I wore it, people would comment on my scent ~ always positively, of course. It was just beautiful, as were all her creations.

  3. Oh, almost forgot. Laura did a knock-off of Woodspirit Soaps' 'Sun & Sky' ~ man, what that ever awesome! It was the first time I'd ever smelled tagettes ~ wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! The bars were big, chunky 6 or 7 oz monsters loaded with scent -- and shea butter and virgin olive oil and a bunch of other lovely oils. THAT's the stuff I miss most. The over-the-top, wild, indulgent bathing experiences.

  4. Did Laura go out of business? I remember who she was, because I think I sold her babassu oil many moons ago, but I'm having a hard time placing her business name..

  5. Maia's Bodyworks.

    She just dropped off the radar altogether. She and I used to do swaps on a fairly regular basis. We corresponded quite often, as well. Then one day her e-mail box started bouncing messages, her website disappeared and I haven't heard from her since.

    I did, however, hear OF her recently. A soaper friend of mine in Texas was contacted by Laura a few months ago. My friend recognized the name and told me immediately. She's been trying to play intermediary, urging Laura to reconnect with all her old friends from the BLM group, but so far I've heard nothing from her.



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