Friday, November 17, 2006

Sick, Sad Politics of Natural & Botanical Perfumery

I don't like posts like this.

I hate the politics of natural & botanical perfumery. Just fuckin' hate it. People who were once on the same artistic plane have begun to chuck each other out the windows to please someone else whose coattails are a bit longer, fit more people, move faster and spread more ego-borne bullshit.

No matter how many black holes the so-called outcasts fall into, talent, integrity & honesty will win out.

Tincture that.


  1. Sweet Suede2:19 AM

    Now you have my curiosity in the true titty twister - again;-) Who said what about who? He - ain't that hard to guess...but I do agree - the NP/BO world is too small for all this bullshit.

    My opinion is that these poor wanna-be-great-and recognized-but-not-so-very-talented people just have to vent their dammed up frustration this way, otherwise they probably would implode LOL. The rest of us will make it by our sheer force of will and - great talent:-D Yiihaaa!!

  2. Wow, what the heck did I miss?

    It is a mixed blessing that I work so much I have little time for this kind of horse puckey other than to comment on it in passing most days, if even that.

    What am I working at? Well, I have the day job, and then I have orders to fill.

    Time passes, teapots are overturned by tempests, but my business continues to chug away because I put energy into IT rather than political hoohah.

  3. You missed random nasty comments on a public forum from a well-respected leader of the natural and botanical perfumery sect who claims those who are not within the realm of her/his expertise has simply fallen off the radar of NBP into black holes. There was also a reference the identity of at least one of these lost souls as a cat turd tincturer, which, of course, was taken completely out of context ~ it went from someone's random comment about what one would or wouldn't tincture (jokingly) to a fact in point. It was a barely veiled attempt to put a specific person down on a list of hundreds. See? Sick. Sad. Disgusting. Ultimately shameful. Sort of like what I've done here :D Tit for tat, I say.

  4. Lovely. And I can imagine the well-respected leader in question sells 'fumes w/ animal products in 'em, right? But swears up and down they're ethical, right?

    Fuck me sideways.

    Ya got my attention immediately w/ the reference to defenstration in the post :) I'm thinking, Huh? 'Fumers tossed out of windows? Whoa Nellie!

    All I have to say is that this is how artforms grow and improve themselves. There's a black hole for every new trail-blazer. If we all kissed the same buttcheeks in obeisance there would be nothing new under the sun. And THAT would be tragic.

  5. Yes and yes.

    I have a penchant for the dramatic ~ have you noticed? :D

    I agree wholeheartedly!

  6. Sweet Suede2:38 AM

    We all love drama queens and to behave as one from time to time. Womens perogatives (sp??)- right?:-D

    I missed that spitting brimstone attack from the well respected respected by who??) leader and here I was thinking I knew them all LOL.

    Anyone ever wonders why on earth that "proffessional" oragnisations have their "News" side for all to read? What would be a better way to sell some real memberships than to tell all good things that happens to it's members? Selling and marketing ain't that leaders strongpoint ;-)

  7. Sweet Suede9:40 AM

    Sorry for leavng words out and misspelling and... This is one of my more dyslectic days;-) Of course it should be "why on earth that organization DO NOT have it's newspage for all to read"



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