Friday, April 06, 2007


The orange trees are in full bloom! Ah, what a scent.

I took a tablecloth and spread it under a tree and then tapped branches until the cloth was covered with luscious waxy white blossoms.

They're stewing in organic grape alcohol. We're on two-fold moving to three-fold tomorrow.

Skin time is up to 20 minutes.

Mmmmmm, blossoms!


  1. Oh how lovely. I would love to nap under a tree such as that.
    Actually right now I am looking at snow on the ground. So no napping under trees for me!

  2. Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter

  3. FaerieMade -- snow! Wow. We had a bit of a wind storm last night, so I'm sure the blossoms are done for the time being.
    GypsyPurple -- Thank you! Wishing you a joyous Easter as well.

  4. Not only FaerieMade has snow - we too :-( And citrus treas?? Taha, dream on Ylva....and be happy with your small potted ones that at least graze my with flowers every now and then. But they do make a lucsious tincture, but I can imagine what wonders you will be able to create with such abundance of flowers - you lucky gal:-D

  5. Each year we're blessed with an abundance of citrus blossoms -- it's truly amazing. There is a favorite ride my husband and I like to make on our motorcycles through the middle of acres of blooming sweet oranges. In a word, it's intoxicating :) The tincture is coming along quite nicely.



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