Monday, April 23, 2007

Debra's Rhapsody

I've been holding these little perfumed gems of Deb's for some time now, waiting for the exact moment when my nose, the weather (yes, I blame the weather), and my hectic life were calmed down enough to give them a thorough look-see.

Whipped Body Creme ~ Yes, yes, yes! A gorgeous scent blend of vanilla, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, and 'many others'. I get a bit of a citrus kick from it -- blood orange or mandarin? -- whichever, it makes the whole concoction smell of candy. The texture is spot on lush. Made with a combination of great skin-loving oils, which include shea, coconut, meadowfoam seed and rose mosqueto, it sinks right in and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized. Nice creme!

Luxury Spa Perfume Ananda ~ Yuzu and vetyver abound in this luscious perfume oil. The evolution on the skin is amazing, beginning with the yuzu *pop* and the earthy, bitter vetyver hovering nearby, then it slowly fades to a soft, powdery, fruity scent which lingers for up to an hour. I'm a vetyver hog, so pretty much anything with vetyver in it will win me over. I especially like this perfume oil because it's light on the vetyver, giving just a bare hint of its delicious splendor, adding depth to the composition instead of stealing the show.

Luxury Spa Perfume Spiritual Journey ~ There are roses by the truckloads in this lovely blend! Roses and soft amber and incense. This perfume may have existed in another time -- perhaps it was the perfume of a wealthy Venetian merchant's daughter, or the most expensive and sought after perfume in a Roman unctuarium. This one I highly recommend.

Saumanasa Perfume Oil ~ This one is FLORAL. Very floral. Roses and jasmine with vanilla and sandalwood, and other little goodies, make this lovely perfume oil a perfect choice for the flower lover. When I sniff this, my imagination takes me on a ride to a world where art nouveau sculptures of semi-nude nymphs grace bouquet ridden parlors of wealthy English matrons. I get dark mahogany furniture, showy safari trophy heads and vases of peacock feathers. Opulence.

Debra's Rhapsody

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