Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Honesty, Integrity, and a Willingness to Say, "I Am a Knob!"

Post Perfume Class Blues

I am not a teacher, nor am I a public speaker. But I put on a pretty good introductory natural & botanical perfume class ~ ha ha!

The first five minutes of the class were absolute, mind-boggling, brain-fogged hell. Then it was just slightly uncomfortable -- for the following 3 hours and 15 minutes. I stuck my foot in my mouth, um, at least twice -- once misquoting the bible, and then again when I was talking about ho wood essential oil. You don't even want to know what I said.

There were no real complaints from the students. I was asked to give more hand-outs in the future in relation to where an essence belongs -- top, heart or base note classification stuff.

But all in all, the class was a qualified success. Loads of fun. I can't wait to do the next one. I was invited back to teach the class again next year, so I'm doing it. I might even ask for an extra time slot to add an intermediate class following the beginner's class. Can't freakin' wait!

There are great lessons to be learned -- especially from a class that was borderline disastrous (or so I thought). I know where to fix things, where to add things, where to subtract. Streamline. Like I said, I can't wait for the next one!


  1. veronica9:52 PM

    Anytime I remember my first class ( I used to teach art in middle school) I still shudder.lol Although,the kids seemed to enjoy it and told me how great it was:) Go figure... I'm sure you did fine! Those little blunders that are so painfully obvious to you, may go over their heads or add to the funny factor:)
    Have fun, blunders and all!( Now I really want to know what it was you said about ho wood, c'mon we're not gonna tell nobody:)

  2. Ha ha! I'm still not tellin'.

    I made a life change about a month and a half prior to teaching this class and it made all the difference in the world. I know in my heart if I hadn't made that little change, I would have passed out -- right after I messed my pants, vomited and gasped for air -- so I'm there with you on the shuddering!

    One of my students was an art teacher. Ha!

    I did have a lot of fun. I'd love to do one every weekend.

  3. I knew you'd be fabulous!! I'm glad that the class happened and they want you back for more :D




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