Tuesday, August 07, 2007

In the Dark

Oh, I hate when this happens. I've managed to lose two notebooks -- about 18 months of work -- disappeared. They're not GONE gone, just AWOL. I hope. Oh Lordy.

A friend of mine recently sent me a link for an ebay item -- Victorian funeral cards. It's sort of a hobby of ours, looking at these old cards, the death poems and such. The link for the two cards she sent had the exact same poem on them except for one small part -- the poem for the man had 'mouldering in death', the one for the woman had 'slumbering in death'. Kind of makes me wonder why the lady gets to sleep peacefully through eternity while the man rots like a shriveling banana peel, covered with bugs and mustiness and fungus.

Speaking of rotted things, I was thinking of resurrecting the infamous Bella Cimitero perfume I made last year (or the year before?) for the dark holiday in October. Only, the formula is in one of those damned lost notebooks! It needed tweaking anyway. Oh Lordy.


  1. Ooooh I still have my Bella Cemeterio if you need to sniff it to remember any ingredients! I loooooove that perfume.

    btw....I won the auction! How perfect that one card is with a crown right at the top. . . .!!!

  2. BC is straight up rotten dirt, ain't it? Mmmmmmm, good!

    Totally cool. I'm thrilled you got those two -- what fun to show off how guys get the dirty end of the stick when it comes to the hereafter, eh?

    xoxo back at'cha

  3. Found them notebooks yet? I missplace stuff al the time, mostly fragrant materials even though I stash them alphabeticly. I think it's some kind of loop or worm hole and hopefully they come out in the other end.

    Love ya,



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