Friday, August 03, 2007

A Review ~ Opus Oils by Veronica Z.

Veronica Z. was the lucky winner of the trio of perfumes from Opus Oils and she was kind enough to put together a review of what she received.

Thanks V!

Here's my take on the lush trio of Opus Oils perfumes consisting of Island, Starlet and Isis.
I'll start with the most easy to wear and very relaxing Island. The key notes here are Ginger Flower, Absolute of Pink Lotus, Plumeria, Orange Blossom, Tuberose, Champaca and Coconut Picture garlands of fresh and delicately sweet flowers hung around your neck...Ripening fruit, coconut drinks, tropical sun...Plumeria and Ginger Flower are really leading the way in the beginning, supported by the sweetness of Tuberose and grounded by Champaca and Pink Lotus. The initial blast of fruity brightness and lush floras slowly, like a retreating wave, reveals a heart of well balanced creamy smoothness and a bit of spice. At this point Tuberose and Coconut sound very nice together. It's a very warm and comforting aroma that in turn mellows out to a soft and slightly musky scent of sun warmed skin. By this time you're watching a sunset at the beach hand in hand with your lover...
The next one I tried was Starlet, and boy, what a different animal that is! There's nothing relaxing about this gal, she will take center stage and command all your attention. The notes in Starlet are Rose, Orange Blossom Water Absolute, Neroli and Nutmeg. The Rose and Neroli are impossible to ignore when they want to be heard, however, this is a scent that manages to be very confident and demand attention without being loud and overbearing. It is thick and velvety, very luxurious and almost narcotic in it's power. There's a satisfying musky undertone to it, it is definitely a dirty girl of a burlesque.
Isis plays a completely different drum. If the first two scents could be related to the realm of humans, Isis is a goddess, ancient and mysterious.This perfume has notes of Jasmin, Myrrh, Coconut, Frankincense and Sacred Blue Lotus. It is a river without bottom, dark and slow flowing. This perfume has a strange hold on me, it slows my heartbeat with it's meditative and somber power. It's not easy to wear, but on certain occasions this is the only thing that will do.
All of the Opus Oils perfumes I tried are 100% natural oil perfumes. They felt very nice going on and don't have a greasy after feel. The lasting power is about 3-4 hours on my skin.
I wanted to thank Opus Oils and Justine Crane for the chance to try these unique and beautiful scents.

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