Sunday, November 18, 2007

Buy Handmade

This post is a continuance of a previous post about becoming a non-commercial consumer and buying or making handmade gifts for the holidays.

One or two of you have written to say that yeah, it's a good idea to make handmade gifts, but what happens when, or if, you can't? For whatever reasons, some folks are only good at making messes.

Try Etsy. There are so many wonderful craftpersons on Etsy selling handmade items in all price ranges, all your shopping can be done right there. You'd be supporting a small businessperson who needs your attention more than Walmart or Macy's does, and if enough folks join in, we might possibly send a message to the corporate machine that we're sick of them force feeding us what they think we should buy.

Also, try your local farmer's market. If you've got a goodies' lover on your list, why not get them a jar of locally made jelly or jam? Dress it up with a bow and slip it into a handmade cloth bag?

So many great handmade ideas are out there. Go catch one!

Oh! And make the 'Buy Handmade Pledge'.

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