Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Leather and Lace

So are you thinking of Stevie Nicks? Well, this has nothing to do with her. It has to do with another gorgeous creation from Ruby's Jewels -- Leather 'n Lace Pure Botanical Perfume.

The first thought that pops into my mind when I wear this perfume is 'sultry'. It reminds me very much of old-school perfumes, pre-80's stuff (80's = aldehyde horse-kicks in the teeth). The top note, from the bottle, is a fleeting green and yellow spark -- citrus and green peppers and cardamom -- or some other such green 'n yellow combo. On the skin it turns all powdery and sweet candyish with an undertone of something dark and heavy. It never turns resinous or solidly leathery, instead it mellows and gives hints of leather; leather under piles of spices and flowers, like a chamois drenched in floral potpourri.

However, I must point out that this perfume has, since my receiving a sample, been reformulated. Ms. Y entreated two famous European indie perfumers in an effort to make something great even mo' bett'a, and with their suggestions in mind, made some adjustments to this already spectacular perfume.

You gotta watch for this woman, 'cause she throws surprises out one after another, when you least expect it, and, to date, not a single one has been a disappointment.

Artwork courtesy of Mz. Bella, Kimberly Ayers, The Queen's Obsession,


  1. I love ya, loovvve yaaaaaa:-) All this have made it necesary to actualy get of my butt and finish the website. As soon as I get my computer back...any day hopefully. Rest assured though that Leather'n Lace will stay the same and the enhanced one will have it's own name. What??? have no idea;-)

  2. Yay! I just love the way this perfume makes me feel ~ bold and adventurous, audacious and wild. Mmmmm.



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