Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Spring Equinox!

Time for celebrations.

Planting time for a lot of us.

Finally finished (hopefully finished) the newest edition to the fall fragrance line-up at 'The Scented Djinn'. No clues as yet to its family, not here, anyway. Soon, though. And a limited sampling, perhaps?

Dragged out the ol' al-embic, again. This time distilled quite a bit of ambrette seed hydrosol -- not much by way of oil, at least not enough to decant from the hydrosol. Definitely ambrettey!

Tinctured up some olive leaves. A friend is in need of a yeast fighter, and I want to see if it's a usable perfume ingredient. So far we've got GREEN with a slight olive oil aroma. Slight.

Happy whatever-you-celebrate-today day!

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