Saturday, March 01, 2008

Le Parfumeur Rebelle ~ A New Era

Le Parfumeur Rebelle, my other project, has relaunched with a new, but not entirely different, look.

Some of the changes include prettier pages. No more running pages that go on into the stratosphere with type print so small you have to have your nose on the computer screen to read it.

More interviews, too. And monthly articles and reviews. The giveaways are still in place, so if you haven't visited yet, get on over there -- March 2008's giveaway prize comes from MoonaLisa: A Supernatural Clean. I've reviewed this stuff -- it's top drawer.

If you go to the site, please read the 'About Us' page and the 'Op/Ed' page - those two pages represent the atmosphere at LPR.

And there's an interview/story about me :D

Can you dig it?

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