Friday, May 16, 2008

Hats Off to the Neti Pot

I woke yesterday morning with a telltale pulsing behind my left eye. Yup, the sinuses were acting up again.

I've suffered with sinus infections, hay fever and allergies my entire adult life, and it's not something a natural perfumer can deal with very well. I've run the gamut of over the counter drugs, and even did a short stint with Claritin D -- the 'D' stands for 'Destruction' in my book -- for the two weeks I was on it, I had alarming homicidal thoughts, couldn't sleep, and felt as if bugs were crawling all over me. In fact even today when I'm being particularly prickly, the kids will say, "Lay off the Claritin D, will ya?"

Since that experience, I've given up meds to control the sinus issue and instead have become a cult member of the Neti pot brigade.

The pot shown here is my current favorite. Retails for less than $20 and saves a fortune in all those -dryl and -fed OTC's, and it actually works.

Neti'd the nose twice yesterday with the enclosed specially patented formula (sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate -- it's right on the box, man, I'm not giving away any secrets here) and today I'm free from the pain and pressure and I can smell things.

This weird little sinus irrigation unit should be in everyone's medicine cabinet, and it should be a stock item in a perfumer's arsenal of tricks of the trade.

Get Neti'd here.

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