Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Antiquarian Perfumer

The most recent entry into the current line-up of explanations of 'what we do' has arrived, via Martin Watt ~

Antiquarian Perfumery

While many of us veer away from frivolous and pretentious monikers in this business (i.e. Master Perfumer, Artisan Perfumer), and all the hooting and honking that goes along with them, this one seems to better explain our intentions. 'Natural' doesn't seem to quite fit because no one can agree upon what it means, and because modern industry has turned everything that is 'good for us' into a marketing tool; 'botanical' is closer but it shuts out the goat hair and hyrax poop people and makes liars out of the sneaky folk who slip in a little civet to extend the perfume's skin life, and we wouldn't want to make liars out of 'em, would we? Pre-Modern, Synthetic-Free, Perfumer -- good, but boring, maybe? Or confusing? Pre-Modern sounds like an anthropology term for caveman, and Synthetic-Free sounds like a marketing wedge; Perfumer doesn't go far enough.

Further, do I say this is what I am? I am an Antiquarian Perfumer? Or, is it what I do? I make Antiquarian Perfume?

Oh, blast!


  1. I was actually doing a cluster diagram on a sheet of scratch paper during lunch yesterday, thinking about this. And 'pre-modern' came up, as did 'classic'.

    The thing I really like about Antiquarian is it is a larger umbrella.

    But I'm really curious to see who tries to snatch it up first and claim it as theirs like a choice piece of carrion.

    There is nothing new in the world, especially when it comes to the creative realm. Just like there's nothing 'here, we've revived a dead artform' about perfumery, when you actually sit down and think about it.

  2. I was a bit reluctant to make the post because of the possibility of some greedy ass trying to lasso the new term for their own individual purpose. But hey, if they're going to do it, they're going to do it.

    Now, having made that proclamation, I have chosen to use it on my website, and will, when the time comes, put it on my new business cards ~ because it does provide the bigger umbrella and puts people's minds in the right space when they hear it. I'm not claiming exclusive rights.



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