Friday, June 06, 2008

Cost of Doing Business 2008 Style

I've been thinking a lot about the FDA's proposed Globalization Act of 2008 and how it will affect the art of natural&botanical perfumery.

As the act is currently written and proposed, there would be a mandatory $2000 annual fee per each manufacturing facility imposed upon any person or business that creates cosmetics ~ n&bp falls under this category. There are additional fees to register each item in the business' products catalog ~ and if you're not keeping up, some n&bp'ers have dozens of perfumes, which would translate into thousands more dollars in fees.

Many of the n&bp companies, and some that have been around for a while, will disappear. Completely.

This act will affect the n&bp community drastically, setting back the art form to its beginnings, possibly leaving only a handful of the more successful businesses available to the public. Instructors in the n&bp movement will lose money as well. What's the point of putting out so much money to learn an art form which will be cost restrictive to start?

In a practical way, the act makes sense, and this goes back to the issue of material's safety and consumer protection. In an artistic way, it is the death knell for a beautifully exploratory era.

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