Thursday, July 10, 2008

It is so flippin' hot. I won't tell you how hot because then you'll feel hot and we'll both be miserable.

The stink balls, aka dogs, are being kept in the house because of the heat. We have Lily the Labradoodle and Sunny the Bouncing Yellow Ball of Pomerania. They get washed and groomed regularly, but they manage to smell like pickled pig toots only a day or two after their baths. I keep telling the kids there's a stink rock in the backyard that they need to find and bury so the dogs will stop rubbing on it.

And I'm tired.

Stinky dogs, heat from Hades and exhaustion. Life. Ain't it grand?

Here I stand the goddess of desire,
Set men on fire,
I have this power.

Morning noon and night
It’s dwink and dancing,
Some quick womancing,
And then a shower!

Stage door johnnies always suwound me,
They always hound me
With one wequest.

Who could satisfy their lustful habit?
I’m not a wabbit!
I need some weeeessst ~

I’m tired . . .

Sung by Madeline Kahn from the movie Blazing Saddles.


  1. I've been with thousands of men
    Again and again.
    They promise the mooooooon.
    They're always coming and going
    and going and coming...
    And always too sooooon.

    I'm tired.
    Tired of playing the game.
    Ain't is crying shame.
    I'm. So. Tired.
    (God dammit I'm exhausted...)

    I'm sorry about the heat.

    We had a string of spare-the-air days this week, and I started wheezing after biking home yesterday afternoon. And for some reason, the city always thinks it is a great idea to do road work and repave major streets when the air quality is utter shit.

  2. Ha! A sing-a-long, cool!

    Yeah, today we're getting a break -- only 101.

    "But it's a dry heat," they all say. Dry like an oven. So the choices are baked like a potato or steamed like broccoli.

    RE: road destruction -- it's never-ending here and always in conjunction with urban sprawl. My kids' school USED to be in the country surrounded by all those beautiful orchards that were the highlight of The Blossom Trail, now the country is slowly being eaten up by housing projects. I keep wondering who the hell is buying these homes.

  3. Blazing Saddles is one my absolute favoritist movies ever. And Madeline Kahn could do anything.

    "Would you mind all stepping on the same foot at the same time? My tits are falling off!!" (okay, different movie..)

    Yeah, 'dry heat' my ass.

    I was in NV a couple weeks ago, and it was like standing in front of my oven on Thanksgiving to baste the farking turkey, and that hot wind is blowing out of it. Just walking down the street. I lost weight through evaporation.

    Baked potato is right.

    Actually about 8 yrs ago I went to a wedding in Boise, in August. (I guess that was the cheapest time of year to rent the country club or whateveritwas where the event was held, in Nampa?). It was something like 108 in the shade, and I don't even recall perspiring. My shirts had salt marks where I'd apparently sweated, but the sweat evaporated so fast I didn't smell. That was surreal.

    Housing projects baffle the hell out of me.

    There are all these empty buildings all over the country, and it seems terribly wasteful to not even take those apart to reuse the building materials.



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