Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tea for One

I'm a ardent lover of tea. I drink tea every morning ~ organic blends of Earl Grey (double bergamot, of course), flowering white tea with a single rosebud tied up inside, jasmine pearl tea, donkey's breath. My favorite tea at the tea house is Jasmine Honey (with half the usual amount of honey), closely followed by the creamy Lavender Earl Grey.

It is the fragrance of the many different teas that entice me. I adore the scent of dark, dank gunpowder green tea tincture. And the wispy canopy of white floral and simmering mossy, green earth of jasmine green tea tincture.

The bones of lapsang souchon eau de parfum ~ gunpowder green tea tincture, jasmine pearl tincture, and a hint of choya loban.

My favorite non-natural scent is L'Artisan's 'Tea for Two'. Just. Amazing.


  1. funny, i'm drinking a shmancy imported green tea as i read this (courtesy of my tea-loving mate), though when steeping my own i lean toward vanilla and rose petals (no shocker if you know me).

    also funny - MY favorite non-natural scent is L'Artisan's "Tubereuse." who knew, eh?

    now i've gotta try "Tea for Two."


  2. Ha! I just went back to L'Artisan, on the advice of a good friend :D, and ordered up another batch of samples ~ for $7 total.

    They didn't have the "Tubereuse" in samples :( Maybe next time, eh?



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