Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Series of Ridiculous Events

The most ridiculous thing happened to me the other night. I was sitting at the bench blending a small dilution of labdanum amber, when someone elsewhere in the house slammed a door.

This started a domino effect of things flinging themselves to the floor, beginning with a huge 24 by 36 inch framed poster popping off the wall and diving at my head (it missed), two small miniature perfume bottles flying off the shelf over my blending desk, one of which struck the plate I was using to catch any spills, skittered across the plate, smacked into the little bottle of labdanum amber that was open, knocked it like a bowling pin across and off the plate into my chest, and as I stumbled and fumbled to try and catch the little bottle, it endoed and cartwheeled and succeeded in eluding me until it splatted on the carpet between my feet.

I managed to snatch if up before too much more of its contents spilled out, but I was left with 1/3 the raw material I began with, the entire front of my body was dotted with labdanum amber, especially my jeans, and I was furious.

I smelled like a living incense stick.

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