Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fantasy Honey

Fantasy Honey is a solid perfume made by one of my favorite perfumers, Littleflowers. It's an erotic blend of osmanthus, jasmine, linden and beeswax absolute. This isn't a sweet little confection of sticky fingered gooeyness that brings to mind honey combs and grandma's house at tea time. It's sexy. The osmanthus is gorgeous and dominates, though without the cistus and tobacco, it would just be black fig. Not that there's anything wrong with black fig. The overwhelming tone of this solid is boudoir boldness with a healthy dose of Kama Sutra honey dust. Sex-y!

I'm telling you, in the compact pictured above, it would be a gift anyone, man or woman, would be thrilled to receive.


  1. Sounds sinful!


  2. It is. Can't wait until she's back in the game.



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