Monday, November 03, 2008


I'm an avid book collector. I just love books. All kinds of books. And sometimes, my obsession with books gets a little out of control. For example, I have five (5) copies of William Kaufman's Perfume. I have one that I read and use for reference and enjoyment; one which is slated for deconstruction to harvest the gorgeous photographs for framing; and, um, three additional copies . . . for the fun of it?

So I'm giving one away. Just comment here, or at, and I will randomly select the winner from the comments around the 15th of November.

NowSmellThis posted a review of this book back in 2005 -- go have a read.


  1. Thank you for the opportunity, it looks like a lovely book!

  2. I am the same way with books. I have so many that I pick up yard sales or old books stores. The good news is that everyone in my house is the EXACT same way, so they let it slide. ;)

  3. I have an out of control book habit too, and this sounds divine...please enter me...

  4. Hi Lisa, Sfsassy, Lucy -- you're in the giveaway.

    Good luck!

  5. Felicia11:12 AM

    The book looks grand, from what I can tell. Love to help you with your clutter problem....

    Also, I'm Canadian and am nervous about the US elections...

  6. Hi Felicia,

    You're on the list:D

    Oh, nervous, nervous, nervous! It almost feels like I'm going to the dentist for a root canal!! Crazy.

  7. Hi sweets, congrats on the launch of your website!! I'd love a copy of this book, please enter me in the drawing. Thank you.

  8. Hey Rox! Congrats on the Sniffa Fall Ball! I've been enjoying reading about your adventures there.

    You're in :D

  9. Please pick me, I'm a bookaholic! LOL and I'm grounded from buying any until after the holidays so I'm trying to win some to keep from the withdrawls lol! Thanks so much!
    crystal adkins

  10. Hi Justine ~ have heard lots of good things about this book! Love to enter into the drawer.
    Many thanks,

  11. Hi Crystal,

    My book budget's been suspended too :( -- for now! Thanks for entering. You're on the list.


    The Kaufman book is gorgeous -- the photos are top notch, and the interviews and articles with Edmond Roudnitzka and Jean Carles are priceless. Thanks so much for entering :D

  12. this is a lovely book. i am lucky that my local library has a copy i can borrow from time to time. thanks for this opportunity to take a chance. ~lisa

  13. Am enjoying having discovered your blog...if time allows, please include me in the drawing for the book. Would love a chance to get my first perfume book!

  14. Can I be in the drawing??? Purteh please??



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