Saturday, November 22, 2008

Attack of the Narcissists

I've had several long conversations with many different people the past few weeks regarding recent personal and professional events that have occurred, and the word "narcissist" kept popping up. I know, this isn't a perfume-related post, but please bear with me.

The personal issues have been occupying my mind of late, putting the professional issues somewhere in a fog on the edge of my consciousness, in a safe, distant place where they can't hurt or hinder what's happening in my REAL life. What I mean by that is this blog, my professional perfuming persona, is only a fragment of who and what I am. It isn't the real me, or, at least, the whole me. And this, I believe, is true of most of those who blog. For others it is this blogging, Yahoo-ing, grouping pretend-self which they would have us believe is real. It is the persona they want all of us to believe is true and valid, the one they made up by creating a fantasy world created from lies and deceit, one of false importance and relevance. And shame on anyone who dares to stand on the edges of the lime light which the narcissist owns lest it somehow diminish their imagined importance and delusions of grandeur.

"One of the most glaring outward signs of malignant narcissism is the way narcissists malign others. They are constantly improving their own image at someone else's expense." This statement interests me greatly. It comes from Kathy Krajco's blog What Makes Narcissists Tick. Yes, another blog.

There's a lot of good, sound advice on her blog about how to distance oneself from what she calls "malignant narcissists", those who prey on people using their blogs or lists and groups as the vehicle to insidiously insert themselves into someone's life, and often, ultimately, attempt to destroy them publicly.

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