Wednesday, December 10, 2008

13th Reason

I don't know what the 13th Reason is -- there are lots of potentials; 13th Amendment of the US Constitution abolishing slavery; Friday the 13th, the day, not the movie; Apollo 13; Chapter 13? Who knows? Who even cares? They rock anyway.

A free bar of Poppymint soap and a mystery butter (ok, it's frankincense and rose absolute with some other stuff) to the first person who can tell me which of the three guys in this band is my son. The other two "guys" are girls, so they don't qualify. And it isn't Sponge Bob.


  1. The guitarist on the right?

  2. Can I guess again?

  3. As many times as you like :D

  4. I'd have to say the lead singer or the player to the right of he singer. Not the short goil.

    He'd love my friend Lauren's band "SIX" from Orange County. Now Lauren I'd like to do more to than bite and put up on a shelf! Black hair and blue eyes....aiyeeee!

  5. Ok, now it has to be the longer-haired one on the left... after that I give up.



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