Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm not going to wax poetical about "'tis the season" and all that, but I am going to ask you all to give. Donate. Homeless shelters are packed to capacity these days. Packed with kids who aren't going to have much of a holiday this year, through no fault of their own, or even of their parents and caretakers. It's rough out there right now.

Pack up a bag of non-perishable food and haul it down to a church or homeless shelter. Hit up the dollar store and buy $10 worth of toys to donate.

Before this crap economy hit, I thought I was doing the world a service by donating a little to the local keeping it green group, and in a small way, I was. I see a need that goes way beyond planting a tree or providing coats and shelter to a family left jobless and homeless because the powers that be played fast and loose with their futures. Give.

Beginning today (December 17th) through January 3rd, The Scented Djinn will donate 50% of the proceeds from all sales of Serj Eau de Parfum, which is also being offered to you at 50% off the regular price. So, a $65 bottle of Serj EdP will cost you $32.50, $16.25 of which will be sent directly over to the Poverello House here in my hometown.

After January 3rd, $10 from the sale of each bottle of regularly priced Serj Eau de Parfum will continue to be donated to Poverello House.

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